Survey & Landscape models

A reconnaissance survey was conducted in an area of 120 km² between Meroe City and the Wadi al Hawad. It has revealed a large number of yet unknown archaeological sites between the eastern river bank and the great Jebel Hadjala mountain range behind the pyramid cemeteries of Begrawiya. The pyramid fields and the ancient quarries within this region, Meroe City as well as Awlib and Abu Erteila were excluded from the survey because they comprise points of research projects in their own right.

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Most of the ancient cemeteries were found in the desert stretch, usually at prominent positions, for example on elevated gravel and sandstone ridges, plateaus and plain areas. The large cemeteries seem to show a genealogical aspect as to their arrangement. Sometimes, a number of smaller graves were situated around one or more larger tumuli.

Survey Site NE36-O/4-K-023 Gerald Raab 2015,

Small tumulus cemetery

The sfm-model shows a tomb of a cemetery which comprises nine tumuli on a little pebble plateau. The circular superstructures are made by small to big sized black sandstones. They vary from very flat to dome-shaped mounds which range from 2.60 m to 9.80 m in diameter and up to 1 m high. The graves probably date to the Meroitic or Post-Meroitic period.

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